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Veet Hair Removal Cream – 200ml or 100ml?

The thing is, we stop growing taller but our hair grows longer, more places and sometimes learn to have its own scent

For the gurls, there’s shavers and creams and lasers to the rescue. My pick – the Veet Hair Removal, it was my first choice and I stayed with it since then ;)

Recently, they launched the 200ml and I being the no1 fan, tried. The result’s not tat favorable – although you gain another 100ml by paying only 60% extra, it leaves your skin drier even when I bought the one with Moisturizer Complex

So really, only the 100ml’s worth buying. It has gone to RM13.90 now. Stock up!


From top
Newer packaging of 100ml which I am currently using
Old 100ml
And the latest 200ml Pink


Coach Legacy Stripe

Is this all you need gurl?

Well, not all, but you need want it

My wristlet is now 2 years old and the bangle is less than a year old
Bangle is slightly harder to take care, no perfumes or the dye of gold will go off


The wristlet at RM350 from Hong Kong Airport, retailing at Coach Boutique in KL for RM525

Bangle at RM280 from US, retailing at Coach Boutique in KL for RM 580

Well, there goes the saying, whoever said money can’t buy me love really didn’t know where to shop.. or…


Crocs For You Ma’am?

Do you really want a pair of this?

I’ve learned too many friends who forbid Crocs in their life
And whenever any other best frens wear Crocs, they’ll go WHY?!!?!?

This is not my ideal pair, but yeah.. I’ve got one of those Prima aka Mary Janes Crocs, gold in color :p



Add Power To Ur Purse

I’m referring to this super power Sheconomics by Karen Pine and Simonne Gnessen

Shopaholics are always down, hiding in this drain, really down under
So what do we do?

The one and most important take out, be Confident!

I strongly recommend almost all especially those who are trueShopaholics to read it
It’s still having a Pick 2 @ 20% – Borders Savers, worth the buy!



SweetMink Online Boutique

SweetMink Online Boutique is one of those which offered good looks and hot stuff ;)

Look at this piece… simply electrifying electric blue!

And the best part, it is only RM48 after discount, go get it!

SweetMink Blue

Not to worry, all sales are via postage all around the world!