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Benefit Is All Lady’s Choice

At least it is mine!

A full lip lipstick
If you don’t really get what a good lipstick is
Try this

After applying the lipstick (with the stick itself not a brush)
If you get the unfilled-nude lips still when you do a smile
That is NOT a good lipstick

If you apply once, and all your lip area (full lip) is covered with your lipstick color
Then it’s a darn good lipstick like this oneĀ  from Benefit

My Sweetie picked it up for me
Lady’s Choice priced at RM75 from Metrojaya, Mid Valley



Diva On Sales!

Specifically Diva of Aussie
Me darling got me 3 pairs over the weekend… I think you should get yours soon before they run out of earrings on sales



Shu Eumura’s Skin Purifier Does Makeup Removing And Cleansing

It is Oil based which in general, a lot of us prefer Water based instead
BUT the Big BUT

The Shim Promoter at Isetan KLCC (definitely better than all stand-aloneĀ  Shu Eumura store) was so darn good that he explained all the 6 steps super well

Basically, you first spread the oil all over your face
Massage even your eyes and lips (the make up removing step)
Then wet your hands for the first time, massage your face all over again
Repeat this step for 3 times
Each time you’ll find your skin less oily
And finally, wash your face with water

It will only work if you do it the right way

So if you bought one in the past and think it sucks, its probably due to the way you’re using it which means your Promoter didn’t do a good job


Worth my RM100 and lotsa samples from Promoter


Another 40% to becoming Shu Uemura’s pro user aka super loyal user


Dolce and Gabbana Shades For Me? Promise I’ll Be Nice

I am really looking forward to own a pair of D&G shades

Retailing at RM1,550 (if I got it right)


Oh, my!


Following Demi Moore for Helena Rubinstein

I must really admit that I am a true follower of Helena Rubinstein’s Mascara

My collection expanded – Feline Blacks and today, I received Glorious
All three are gifts from three very special people in very different part of the world

Sad to say that they’ve stopped HR in Asia
If you’re anywhere near the store, get yourself one!
It works, trust me!