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Shu Eumura’s Skin Purifier Does Makeup Removing And Cleansing

It is Oil based which in general, a lot of us prefer Water based instead
BUT the Big BUT

The Shim Promoter at Isetan KLCC (definitely better than all stand-aloneĀ  Shu Eumura store) was so darn good that he explained all the 6 steps super well

Basically, you first spread the oil all over your face
Massage even your eyes and lips (the make up removing step)
Then wet your hands for the first time, massage your face all over again
Repeat this step for 3 times
Each time you’ll find your skin less oily
And finally, wash your face with water

It will only work if you do it the right way

So if you bought one in the past and think it sucks, its probably due to the way you’re using it which means your Promoter didn’t do a good job


Worth my RM100 and lotsa samples from Promoter


Another 40% to becoming Shu Uemura’s pro user aka super loyal user

2 Responses

  1. kathia

    also, best to use a soft soft face towel to rub lightly on the last rinse. been using oil cleansers for many years and if it isn’t washed properly it will break even the best skins out.

    but apart from that, oil cleansers are great!

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