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Adidas Control by Adidas Anti-Perspirant Roll-On Deodorant Alcohol Free 1.7 Oz

This is one of the Ultimate Rexona competiton, agree? Apparently, it does some whitening to the armpit Very interesting Who would champion deodorant more than one who does Sports itself It’s RM 9.90 and damn worth it!


La Compaignie De Provence Now @ Parkson

Basically, a bath range from France as explained by the brochure There’s Complimentary Hand Massage if you get it now… Well, price range – A LCDP Extra Pur Hand Cream 1Fl. Oz cost RM21


I Help In Maintaining KLCC’s Level 1 Escalator (at least)

Quite sure I did I definitely celebrate every festive occasion with KLCC The loyal number 1 fan


My Comb & Leave On from D’Hair Shop

Many of us will have a pit stop at combing our hair If not for too long, maybe  a year I’ve had close to 3 years without combing my hair Until I discover the Super Comb from D’Hair Shop It is The Comb for your all It makes hair combing my new hobby Check it



It’s the Little Blue Box *whispers* that Tiffany Box

If you’ve watched enough of Bride Wars starring Kate Hudson & Anne Hathaway… If you’ve heard about ze ring… You will know what I’m talking about Listen, Whatever the ring is, the classic Tiffany blue box transforms it into love in almost every woman’s dream. Currently going for USD100 (RM350) It works, darling~