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Not one place you can tell the truth

its not money until it is of four digit value agree?


Dick Page, Makeup Artist Director

Published on May 12, 2012, by in Lucky Me.

Flown directly from Japan, Shiseido’s Collector’s Edition makeup palette I don’t need to feel loved, I am loved =)


Too long ago since I’ve blogged…

Nothing too new… ya right, 7 months preggers, all is new! Baby girl on her way, guess this is gonna be a mama’s blog after all


It’s been awhile



The Gift of 2009 – Coach Poppy

Although it’s only end of October But in terms of me baggie bag , the Ultimate for this year still goes to my Coachie From Pavilion with love, RM1465 So what’s the difference between buying it in Malaysia and other countries? Basically, you’ll get the 6 months warranty period which you can replace any parts